Saturday, 4 February 2012

Emails to My show on Thursdays

Well i am really happy with myself, i received about 40 emails to my show last Thursday, and i have personally read through and replied to every single one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This will be ongoing every week, so get in touch,  see you thursday 8am on Create and craft tv


Hels Sheridan said...

hey hunny, was lovley to see you again on Thursday, you always always make me smile!!

Papercraft By Carole said...

It's great that you're getting a regular slot!! Brilliant news!! Cxx

carley duff creations said...

Great to see you to my lovely ,I want all your stuff x x

Linda said...

Good news, a weekly show, love watching you Carley xx

izzie said...

Hi Carley I purchased my Wife a creata the other day but when we follow your create and craft demo the Machine will not take to plates.
we have also followed the instructions on the mchine for a cuttle bug cut and embose plate but that will not go throough either what are we doing wrong and can you help

carley duff creations said...

I am so sorry to hear your problem, well lets start basic, can you put any plate through on its own ??? if it had been damaged on delivery?? the roller may have dropped ??
if not then for cutting
place base plate A
cutting die
cutting plate C

take out take top plate off C
add shimmy
then add embossing top plate
and roll through again

I wonder what dies you are using??
maybe they are not compatible??
hope this helps if not, mail me back

carley duff creations said...

thanks for all your lovely messages

izzie said...

Hi Carley
thanks for the response still having a problem the die I am using is for the cuttlebug by provocraft and has a metal back with foam covering the embossing and cutting plate when we make the sandwich as suggested it goes part way and then there os a huge amount of resistance and i don't want to force the machine is the die incompatible as it is one of the metal and foam dies or is it the machine. HELP i really want to play!!!!!!!! izzie xxx

carley duff creations said...

I suggest you use d plate as bottom (BLUE) and black (B) plate as cut plate, have you tried other dies????

izzie said...

Many Thanks for Your Help

izzie said...

Carley, Can you tell me where I can buy a Joy Trouvaille Machine as our daughter has seen ours and now wants one herself but we can not find them anywhere on the net, can you help please