Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Joy Trouvaille revised tutorail

The Joy Trouvaille

After so much interest ,thought i would share a easy tutorial of the Joy Trouvaille video here

1 x Joy machine
1 x handle
1 x (shimmy pad) embossing black stretchy plate
1x B (embossing top plate Black)
1xA base plate
1x c (top cutting plate)
1x D ( top cutting plate for Thicker dies)

Q: What will the joy cut ? 
A: Foil, felt, vellum, grungebored, fabric, card, paper, parchment and acetate

Q: What is special about the joy?
A :A4 platform which means bigger dies, bigger cuts, and multi cutting different shapes and mediums.
Also really easy rotation action and crisp cuts and embossing

How to use the Joy Cutting and Embossing ?

* First turn suction handle to activate the pad to stop slipping

* Second open each of the sides and extend the extension plates out

* add handle

*Take base plate A ( white one) add die and place medium (i.e paper) on top
Then apply c plate on top

*Feed into machine rotating the handle

* take from other side and remove top plate (c) this is your cut

* Add Shimmy plate and  B plate (black) on top for embossing

* whizz trough machine as before

* take plates off the reveal perfect cut and emboss

Other dies that do fit in the Joy
* Marianne dies
*cuttle bug dies and folders
*Memory box
*Cheery Lynn
*Quick cuts
*x cut
*** Please remember thicker dies Need the Blue Top Plate Instead of the Grey!!!!!!

also found this good tutorial from ASW Crafting
check it out here


Anonymous said...

Hi Carley, I would love to know how you decorated your Joy Trouvaille. Love your inspiration and enjoy your shows on C&C.
Kind Regards

carley duff creations said...

use alcohol inks and a sponge , also a relief out liner ( glass paint)
thank you for your kind comments

Anonymous said...

Have you any idea where I get can a new handle for my Joy trouvaille
machine as mine has all denatured where it attaches to the spindle, as it is so flimsy. The machine is no good without it.
I am totally disappointed as I love this machine which has really had very little use. It's just over a year old.
Thank you.

carley duff creations said...

oh my gwennybee , email me your address and i will send you one

Anonymous said...

Hi Carley
I would like to use spellbinders m-bossibillies folders using my Joy. But am failing to find the right sandwich. Can you help?
Valerie said...

Hi Carey.
love my JOY MACHINE i WOULD LIKE TO USE M- Bossibillities but cannot find the right sandwich
can you advise have tried the internet for info to no avail
can you help
10 APRIL 2013

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern,

Recently I bought a joy trouvaille cutting/embossing machine. Just one question when would I use the black stretch soft mat E.


carley duff creations said...

to use m-bossibilties use 2 blue plates
Soft mat is used for embossing under black top plate

Anonymous said...

Where can I get another blue plate from please.

carley duff creations said...

To buy replacement plates either visit

Viv said...

Thanks so much for the tutorials Carley they are much appreciated but I have broken a cog trying out the mBossabilities can you tell me where I can get a new one please as my poor machine is redundant otherwise
Regards Viv x

ambretteir8 said...

Hi Carley,

I love your demo's on C&C you are so talented. Could you please give me a bit of advise. I was looking at all of the reviews on the Joy but when I went to your site to find out about using it with spellbinders I am confused would I need to get extra plates to use my spellbinders as these are my only dies I also have the Couture Creations embossing folders, The Embossalicious folders, Creative Expressions folders, Spellbinders Embossabilities Folders and Other Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Folders,Spellbinders Impressabilities and the newSpellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities Rustic Wreath Carley before I buy the Joy I would really value you advise and help would I need to get a lot of other plates to use it with spellbinders die and the list of embossing folders I am telling you about also I saw on your blog about the handle being flimsy can you tell me if it is as a lady was looking to you to tell her where she could a replacement. I know I have a lot of questions but before i spend so much money as I live in Ireland I want to get the best advise and if I needed more plates where would I get them as Create and Craft does not stock the plates on their own. you can contact me at thanks Carly

Anonymous said...

Ive broken my machine,can you help please.the other end to the handle the two gogs have teeth missing,i have several black pieces of plastic and the circle pin has come of the lower cog.I love my machine and use it every day.Please advise if its worth mending.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carley
can I use Sizzix Sizzlits with my JT


Gill Mayes said...

Hi Carly

I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my Joy!!!! I have a set of Spellbinders Grand Labels 1 so think I need an extra blue plate? I'm confused as there are 2 on the Creata website - one is £4.38 and the other is £7.30.... which is the right one please?

Kind regards Gill x

Ann said...

Is there any place that you can send your machine to for an overhaul or if theres slight damage to in order that it can be fixed?

Regards Ann Robinson

Lois said...

Hello Carley I have had my Joy for a couple of years now, and still love it. I recently bought a couple of the large size A4 embossing folders, I find I cannot get the right sandwich for these Even 2 blue plates proves to be a bit too thick. Can you tell me if there is a thinner plate available or what else I could use. So far this has been my only failure with my lovely joy Thanks for your time Lois