Wednesday, 21 March 2012

essential spring crafts with Creata and Carley


Elaine said...

Carley I am catching up on my viewing of blogs and new creations , You have been making some great creations lately, I saw the show last Thursday ( and every one you have done ) but had no time to comment, You are a FAB crafter and always having fun.
See you in the next show, I will be getting aprils craft budget soon I cant wait to get shopping.
Hugs Elaine

Anonymous said...

Hi Crakley
At the end of your create and crat program on 20th sept 2pm you held a card up of an elephant love it love it Where can i get the Elephant please pretty pleases
Kind regards
Kath Mumby x

carley duff creations said...

email me and i will send you the image

Joanna said...

Hi Carley
In your last show you used some purple mirror card as a layer on your card,it was a lovely shape and I have looked everywhere to find a die in that shape, please can you tell me what it was and where can I get it please
Merry Christmas
Thx Joanna

Anonymous said...

Hi love the stamped card with girl with one big eye where can I buy it please?

Gill said...

Hi Carley. my name is gill and my joy machine has broken, both the cogs inside have teeth off.I'm always careful I dont put anything in it that it dosnt like, but its gone just the same. It was clicking for quite a while before it went. could you give me an address where I could get replacment cogs from, Im lost without it< I love it. Kind regards Gill.

Andrea Scorah said...

Hi Smiley Carley,
Just would like to say thanks. I'm home with a long term illness a you have brought so much sunshine to my cloudy time with the illness. I have started up crafting and when I figure out the blogging thingy (or find an email)I will send you them see what you think.
Look forward to you on TV tomoz :O)
Thank you again, keep smiling lovely Lady.
Andie xxx