Friday, 1 June 2012

Royal crafting

Dear All
Hope you all enjoyed yesterdays show, loved my little crown sooooooooooooooooo cute
Thought i would share the pic from the set up
Love being on with Uncle Nigel such a sweetheart
Magic hands was Super Sam today

Well done Sandra for winning a card its on route as i type !!!!!!!!!!!!

create and show index have a look at the videos great for catch up

Also as my own jubilee party is tomorrow thought i would share some great print outs for make and do jubilee

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend , will post my own pics  on Monday

Oh also i went to a tea party this week in london
It was amazing

see you all soon


Bea said...

missed the show due to work but love the photos - hope you have a great jubilee time - hope to catch a future show

jean said...

hi carley hope you all had a lovely st party and that lottie enjoyed being at the Royal Ballet school.all the best to her,i love to see you on the box always makes me feel better,take care

Alan Scott said...

Hi Carley,
Trying to contact you via email but its not working for me. Can you send me a link via my blog so we can talk about samples.
Have a fab week and l hope it was a great Party over the last weekend festivities.

Alan [asw crafting]