Thursday, 9 August 2012

Today's pic

I really enjoyed my sizzler of a sale today , Martyn is so funny, hope you managed to catch me , if not i thought i would share today's pictures


Elaine said...

How fabulous Carley , I saw the bit before the show too.. when your friend nearly fell off screen walking backwards .
Your show was fab such great offers too well done . Hugs Elaine

Gill McCall said...

Fab show Carley. i am off work this week so managed to catch all of it.
You really brighten up my day.
I adore the entertainment set of dies and i might just have to go and add them to my basket. x

Bea said...

hi Carley caught the 2nd half of the show - great fun with you and Martyn. The ball dies are fab and on my wish list.