Thursday, 25 April 2013

Template of the week!!!!!! Peek a Boo Card recipe

Hey all I am posting from Holiday!!!!
Could not resist to share the beautiful dies used in my Peek a Boo Card

Card recipe
Kraft card set 300 gsm available at Create and craft LINK HERE
Green Mirror Card 280gsm available at Creata LINK HERE
Oval Trio of sizes by Xcut available at Creata LINK HERE
Swirl flourish by joy available at creata LINK HERE
flower die shapes by joy available at Creata LINK HERE
border back embossing die Xcut borders available at creata LINK HERE
Flower embellishments available from
Amazing Digi Stamp By Sherri Baldy
To buy the Carley Stamp visit Sherri's Shop LINK HERE
Remember because they are digi stamps you may Print any size!!!!
Curl flowers with embossing tools ,Sand back kraft card using an emery board
 layer using 3d glue

Hope you feel inspired


Paula's ponderings said...

Gorgeous card! Hope you are having an amazing holiday x

caroline spice said...

Such a beautiful card Carley . The Kraft card is just so lovely and fun to work with .and the beautiful green Mirror card :) You will have to check out my DT Tutorial using the Kraft card . I think you may like it :) xxx

Gill McCall said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. so pretty and funky. x

Gwyneth said...

Lovely, and fun, card. Enjoy your holiday.

Ian said...

I love the card Carley. Bright and cheerful

Ian xx