Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Paper pad event 21-22nd august 2013

Hey everyone
Hope you are excited about The Creata 
Paper pad event !!!!  I am Can not wait to get back in the studio !!
We launch tomorrow at Noon
Live on Create and Craft tv

We have  amazing deals tomorrow
 at a very limited stock and special price for these 2 day event

Paper pad event times

21st Aug- Noon- 3pm -7pm
22nd Aug - 1pm

With all the Mirror card collections in stock
see you tomorrow crafty friends with inspiration and giggles

Also a chance to win a golden ticket to my inverness Workshop
21-22 Sept with accommodation and food included


Catherine said...

I missed you Sweetie ! It will be great to have you back with more goodies !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Katielouise said...

Hi Carley
I'm glad my email got read out, so very glad to see you on our screens again. I watched all the shows and then re watched them on the app! I really enjoyed your shows and of course have ordered both your lovely packs of christmas card design pads and Lotties choice mirror board, I have some of two other of the mirror board already but you can never have too much choice!
You have looked , as always, wonderful and sassy. Loved your outfits.
Thank you for extending the golden tickets! I'm not sure how I'd get to Inverness from Worcestershire in a day and then go back the next day! But I'd sure love to try!

All the best and don't ever change you're wonderful

Best wishes from Katie-Louise sweetlove

Katielouise said...

Loved the show today but felt your sunshine was being dampened by the other c&c presenter. We need you and Nigel may back on as a team again!
Love your blog, so creative. I'm saving for a Carley duff handbag! Love it, want it! Will have to wait until after Christmas!

You looked stunning again today that dress you wore is gorgeous!

X Katie-Louise sweetlove x