Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn art show 24/10/2013

Hey crafty friends
Hope you enjoyed yesterdays show
Well we had a sell out of the beautiful alphabet dies

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we will have more stock in by next week

Thought i would share my samples this week

Portrait card samples

Back in time dies

and  silky card stock

Delicious background templates

Catch me next Thursday for a Spooky Creata SALE show
Hope you can join me 1pm 31st oct


Katielouise said...

Really enjoyed the autumn Creata show loved the alphabet dies I bought the funky and bold die sets, I got the paper pads last week when I saw them on the c&c site before the show got changed! Love the paper pads all of the designs are lush!! Your paper pads and mirror card are the best out!
Looking forward to the spooky Creata Halloween show I'm hoping you'll be dressed as a skull princess! I'll be impatiently waiting for your show next Thursday! I'll have some money that morning so I'll be hopefully shopping ahead so I don't miss out though I have plenty of mirror card right now so maybe I won't buy that this week, but I'm definately getting something!😜

Gwyneth said...

Lovely assortment of samples as always.

Debs said...

Dear Carley, Please could you help me, I have made a purchase from the Creata Website, but that was almost a month ago. I have tried to send them an e-mail too, but i'm not very good at them yet, so if you could help track down my order I would be very gratefull.
Thank you,
Debbie Cardoza. :-(